It’s actually gonna be our first family dinner. First of many, I hope.

No worries, Auntie Ava.

No worries, Auntie Ava.

for all my TV aunties and uncles…

for all my TV aunties and uncles…

SAM: Why don’t you take a swing at someone who likes to fight back? 


swarekmcnally asked: AU: Jason is alive - Jason gives Danny his first toy motorcycle :)

I clutched the pink bunny tight under my arm and prayed no one from school saw me as the tall man I’d come to know as my father held my hand in his and led me through the halls of Grandma Monica’s hospital. “I saw you looking at that toy motorcycle in the gift shop, but you picked the rabbit instead. You’re going to be a great big brother, Danny. Are you excited to meet your baby sister?”

I was excited, so I nodded. But I was a little scared too. I’d never been anyone’s big brother before and I didn’t have any big brother to show me how it was done. It made me think of Jake. Mom had told me about him and baby Lila and how they were my guardian angels now, but I wished they were still around to show me what to do even though I was older than both of them now.

"You know, you had a big brother once too." My dad had this way of always knowing what I was thinking. It was like one of his superpowers or something. He was good at it, good at knowing me.

"Jake, he’s with the angels now." I repeated what I’d been told. I’d heard mom and Aunt Molly talking about how they thought I was with the angels once too. It made me feel even luckier to still be with my mom and now my dad again.

I felt dad’s eyes on me and looked up to find they were a little sad, but then he gave me a smile. He didn’t give those to too many people so it felt good when he smiled at me, like I’d done something right.

"That’s right. He loved motorcycles too. That’s something the three of us have in common." Dad let my hand go so I could push the button for the elevator as we neared it and I turned to study him when I’d finished.

Mom and dad didn’t talk about my brother much… or my sister. It made me curious. “Did you play motorcycles with him like you play trucks with me?”

Dad nodded as his matching blue eyes left mine and wandered to some place that seemed really far off. “I did… once.”

"Only once?" Dad had played trucks with me like a million billion times since he’d come home to us. Mom had said dad’s return was the best Christmas present ever and she was right.

"Jake and I lost a lot of time with each other, kind of like you and I except you and I are lucky enough to make up for it now." Dad explained as he reached for my hand again and we stepped onto the elevator.

I pushed the button to take us to the floor with the moms and babies then reached for his hand again. I liked the way it felt when my dad held my hand. His hand was so big and strong. People called him stone cold, but his hand was always warm against mine and it made me feel safe.

Dad was quiet and I wondered if he missed playing motorcycles with Jake. It looked like he might. “You and I could play motorcycles some time, if you want.”

His eyes were on me again and he gave me a half smile before wiping it away. I shrugged, unsure of my offer. Maybe that was something special he only did with Jake.

I sighed and looked back down at the bunny in my arms wishing it was that motorcycle I’d seen back in the gift shop. This big brother business was not gonna be easy.

"I’d like that." Dad said as he gave my hand a little squeeze and I looked back up and gave him a smile like he’d given me.

The doors to the elevator opened and, after a cautious glance left and right for eye witnesses, I exited with dad, pink bunny in tow, as we headed toward my mom and brand new baby sister.

I couldn’t wait to see my mom, or my sister. Everything was gonna be different now. I was a big brother now. I had a responsiblil- responsiblility to look out for her like I’d looked out for mom until dad had returned to take over full time again. I was still her wingman though. Mom had told me nothing would ever change that.

I felt my heart start racing like one of my remote control cars the closer we got to the sound of crying babies. My brows scrunched up as the crying got louder. Was one of those crying babies my sister? That better not be somebody making my sister cry!

“There’s my wingman!” Mom said as dad guided me into her room and I felt the frown leave my face as she smiled at me and gave dad a wink.

“Hi mommy, I came to help!” I told her as I set the rabbit on her blanketed legs and climbed up the side of her hospital bed.

“Easy,” Daddy reminded me as he helped me settle in mommy’s arms and leaned in to place a kiss on her lips. Yuck.

Mmmmmuah! Oh no. The kissing thing was contagious. Mom was always stealing kisses from me, but I was so happy to see her now I didn’t really mind.

“I missed you!” We said at the same time and she laughed and tickled me until I laughed too.

“Where’s the baby?” I wondered as I looked around the room. There was no sign of her.

“The nurse is bringing her to us now. Are you ready to meet her?” Mom said as she ran her fingers through the short blond hair on my head. She was the only one I let do that.

“Uh-huh,” I nodded. “I brought something for her and for you, too!” I told her as dad handed her the flowers I’d picked out. The lady in the gift shop had called them free shoes or something, but I just thought they smelled good like mom. She always smelled good too.

“Freesias, they’re beautiful.” She smelled them and smiled. “Thank you baby,” That earned me another round of kisses and a hug too, but thankfully my little sister saved me.

Maybe this big brother thing had its perks. Grandpa Julian had taught me all about perks and the fine art of making a deal in your favor. That was right before Grandma Lex had threatened to teach him the fine art of sleeping in a dog house. I asked her if she could teach me too, but she’d told me I’d learn soon enough.

I sat next to mom and watched as a nurse pushed a little crib on wheels over to us with a pink bundle inside. Pink, this had to be her, my new sister. The nurse scanned mom and dad’s bracelets and then one on a tiny arm that had been hidden under all that pink fluff.

“You must be the big brother.” The nurse smiled at me. I blinked and nodded and for some reason that made her laugh. “Like father, like son, I see.”

I looked over at dad to see what he thought about that. He blinked then stared at her, but then he threw a wink my way and I smiled as he walked over to the crib and picked up my sister.

“Enjoy your visit, Morgan family.” The nurse said as she headed toward the door.

“Thanks Epiphany.” Mom told the nurse just before the door shut behind her.

Dad sat on the side of mom’s bed and placed the baby in mom’s arms and I raised my head up as high as I could to get a peek, but I still couldn’t see too good so dad set a pillow down on mom’s lap and she laid the baby on it so I could see better. “Danny, this is your little sister, Emily. Emily this is your big brother, Danny.” Mom said.

I’d never seen a person so little before. She was tiny and she had a head full of dark hair just like mom. I got on my knees so I could get closer. “Hi Em, it’s me, Danny. I’m your big brother, the one who’s been talking to you while you were in mommy’s tummy. We finally get to see each other.”

She must have heard me, because she opened her eyes then blinked and stared right at me. “She’s got blue eyes like me! I thought they would be brown, because she looks like you mom.”

I felt mom’s hand on my back as I kept looking down at my sister. “Her eyes might stay like ours, Danny, but they could still turn brown like your mom’s too.”

“She can change her eyes, like a chameleon? Cool!” I wished I could change mine like that.

I heard mom and dad laugh and looked up at them to see what was so funny. “No, son, it’s just that it takes a few months after babies are born for the pigment of their eyes to adjust which means the color could still change. It’s like that with almost every baby, even you when you were born.”

“Really, what color were my eyes when I was born?” This baby stuff was kind of interesting.

“Blue,” Mom said in her soft voice, the one she always seemed to use when she talked about me as a baby. “Blue like your father’s.”

Dad took mom’s hand in hers and kissed it. I looked back down at my sister. “Don’t mind them. They do that a lot, so you should probably get used to it now.”

I heard mom chuckle as dad pulled back and that’s when I remembered Emily’s gift. I spotted the pink bunny at the end of the bed and crawled over to it then pulled it back up to where mom was with Emily. “I got you a present, Em. It’s a bunny and it’s pink. Aunt Krissy says girls love pink.” I held the rabbit up so she could see. “I almost got you this really cool motorcycle, but then I remembered what Aunt Molly said about some toys not being safe for babies and the motorcycle is for big kids so I thought you might like this better until you’re older like me and then I’ll get you a motorcycle too if you want.”

“That’s really sweet, Danny. I’m sure she’d love a toy motorcycle one day and I think she already loves her bunny.” Mom said and pointed to the way Emily had wrapped her fingers around one of its long and soft floppy ears. I was happy to see she liked it.

“Would you like to hold her?” Mom said.

Hold her? Me? What if I broke her like mom’s last phone when I dropped it? “I don’t know.”

“It’s okay. You’ll be fine. I’ll help.” Mom assured me as dad pulled out his cell phone and reminded me of the fate of my mom’s last phone again. I really wasn’t so sure about it, but mom believed I could do it so it made me think maybe I could.

“Okay.” I said as dad stood from the bed and helped me get into place.

Emily looked so little, but she was heavier than I thought she’d be and she filled my arms up. Mom showed me how to hold her so her head wouldn’t wobble and dad came around on the other side of me and held his phone out in front of us. “Ready? Say Harley!”

“Harley!” We said as dad snapped a picture. It was our first family picture with Emily.

Dad’s phone rang as he showed us the picture and he pulled it back to check the caller ID. “It’s Carly.” He told mom and she smiled and shook her head as she waived him out the door.

A few minutes later dad came back in the room with us and I don’t know how long it was that we all sat there, but it felt nice being all together. Eventually, mom said Emily had made a stinky and needed her diaper changed. She asked me if I wanted to help, but dad must have used his superpowers again because he told mom he needed me to go with him to get the drinks for us before Aunt Carly arrived with our take-out.

“Sorry mom. Dad needs me.” I shrugged and tried to hide my smile, but mom pulled it out of me and a giggle too when she cut her eyes at me with that look that said she was on to me. She always got me with that look.

I went to the machine in the waiting area with dad to get our drinks and by the time we got back Aunt Carly was there in the chair next to mom holding my sister. “Hey there Danny, how’s your baby sister treating you so far?” Aunt Carly grinned.

“Good. She saved me from getting kissed to death.” I told her and heard mom gasp. “Hey,” Mom pretended to pout, but that only made me laugh until dad scooped me up and brought me over to mom who started kissing me all over my face as I tried to squirm out of dad’s hold.

The noise made Emily start to cry and I felt bad for scaring her. I pushed down from my dad and went over to Aunt Carly to say sorry, but mom told me it wasn’t my fault. She said Emily was just hungry. Aunt Carly handed my sister to mom so she could feed her and I heard dad ask Aunt Carly if she’d found it.

“Found what?” I wondered.

Aunt Carly just gave me a wink and looked back at dad. “It’s in the bag next to the take-out.” She told him.

Dad nodded and said thanks and then Aunt Carly gave me a hug and made me promise to come see her soon before she said goodbye to everyone and was out the door.

Mom started to nurse Emily and dad grabbed the little bag off the bedside table and pulled me into his lap as he sat down in the chair next to mom.

“I have something here I want to give you.” Dad said and then he pulled out a toy motorcycle. It wasn’t any of the ones I’d seen earlier in the gift shop. It was big and yellow and a lot cooler.

“This belonged to your big brother, Jake.” Dad explained. “It was his favorite and I think he would want you to have it, now that you’re a big brother too.”

“Wow, thanks dad!” My big brother had really cool toys.

“This is a really special toy, Danny, so I’ll need you to take care of it just as good as you take care of your baby sister. Do you think you can do that?” Dad said and I knew by the way he said it that this was important. “I promise. I’ll always take good care of it and Emily just like I did mommy and our phoenix and dragons while you were away.”

“You kept them all safe and I know you’ll keep this toy and your sister safe too.” Dad said and my chest puffed up with what a good feeling as I looked back over at mom who had tears in her eyes.

“You okay, mommy?” I never liked it when she cried. It made me want to do anything to stop it.

“I’m better than okay, baby. These are happy tears, because I’ve got your baby sister and your daddy and you and you three are my dream come true.” She smiled as she cradled my sister closer and a tear fell down her cheek.

Dad lifted me up so we could lie down on the bed next to mom and Emily as mom lifted her over her shoulder to burp. Dad wrapped his arm around mom and I held the yellow motorcycle up so Emily could see it as I spun the wheels. “One day me and dad are gonna teach you how to play motorcycles too, Em.” I promised. Being a big brother wasn’t going to be easy, but mom and dad had once told me the best things in life never were.

Port Charles, NY Meets Armageddon

If there were a natural disaster of Michael Bay proportions in my hometown…

What would the disaster be… asteroid, fire, flood, earthquake, hurricane, virus?

Who would survive?

Who would die a hero’s death? How?

Who would die a horrible excruciatingly painful death? How?

Who would come back from the “dead” to save the day?

Who would switch sides and show true colors good or bad?

Who would get the happy ending? How?

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Anonymous asked: CROTCHFRUIT!

DAD! *ugly cries* image

Squishy hugs… I feel better already.
-via: @jimmydee14

Squishy hugs… I feel better already.

-via: @jimmydee14


swarekmcnally asked: Do you think your dad is alive?

Mom said she still feels like dad could just walk back into our lives at any moment and, truthfully, so do I.

Happy Birthday, Danny 

Uncle Spin is such a cakeblocker


Anonymous asked: Do you like Silas? Do you want him to get together with your mommy?

Hard to like someone who’s been rude and hurtful to my mom. I think mom and I are good on our own, for now.